Collecting teeth from a live tiger, catching bullets with bare hands, assassination, Jogging up & down mount everest, swimming in river Niger. And collecting rock particles fromd moon
MY RECORD: fought with an elephant and broke its neck...skinned a crocodile...ali ve!...played russian ROULETTE with fully loaded clip & survived...kill ed Superman, held my breathe under water for 2months,3weeks, 6hrs, 51mins,45second s, assassinated Adolf Hitler, Sadam Hussein,Gadafi, Idi Amin,Abacha#:-s ( d list is too long!)
GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT : surfed on hot lava while d volcano was still erupting, Outran a cheetah,fluent in 10,598 languages, 1st guy to land on thesun, FIRST MAN TO STOP HIS HEART BEAT , Carried the pyramid of giza for 2days straight:D!
SILLY THING DONE: Surfing on a tsunami and hurricane Katrina,snow boardin on mount everest, sky diving frm outer space
EMBARASSING MOMENT: couldn't kill 100 bears with a single punchonly 99 died instantly and the one that was left went to join the circus.
PROUDEST MOMENTS: when a cobra died after biting me, When I saved the planet by diverting an asteroid with just one kick.
SOMETHING ABOUT ME: I really don't like to show off..

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